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Atlas offline transaction and encryption tool
The Atlas Offline Transaction Hashing and Encryption Tool ("AOTHE") by Digital Media allows you to transform any Atlas-conform offline transaction data file into a hashed and encrypted format. The tool performs a two-step process on your data. In the first step AOTHE hashes personal information like email addresses and phone numbers. In a second step, the data file is encrypted via Atlas’ PGP public key to encrypt the data. Both steps are carried out locally on your computer and no data is transferred. Please follow the instructions below and this checklist to prepare the data for the hashing and encryption process.

Please make sure that each transaction date, corresponding email address or phone number is a separate line in the document. Download example.


Save the file in CSV format on your computer: File -> Save As -> File Type -> CSV (Comma separated)


When encryption is finished, you can open encrypted file with text editor. Output should be similar to example below.

Click „Next“ when the files are prepared as outlined above and you are ready to proceed with the hashing and encryption of your data file

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